First Date

First dates don’t have to be awful. All you need is an activity that facilitates conversation and helps you relax, all while being relatively low-key. Let’s switch it up from the same old same old, we’ll find the right place and the right activity.


You have decided that you actually like this person. Great!! Your activities here should allow for more conversations and greater bonding. This is where the magic starts to happen. (Relax we got this!).


Awe…Love…Real progress is in the air. This is where we step up the quality of the activities and bonding to another level. Let us plan an experience she won’t forget. We plan it you take credit for it.

Just Friends

Spending time with friends is, in and of itself, a great way to pass the time and usually doesn’t require spending a lot of money to be fun memorable.

Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Mothers/ Father’s Day

Our annual celebrations can get kind of run of the mill. We can plan a birthday, anniversary, mothers or Father’s Day celebration that will knock the socks off of the guest of honor.

Signature Experience & More

Our objective is to serve up experiences specially designed for you. Just give us an idea, the occasion, amount of people, budget and your time frame and our concierges will take it from there. Relax, we got this and so much more.